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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Five, Part Two
Her Ladyship sat languidly, back resting against the pool’s edge with her elbows braced against the dark, shale bricks framing it. A weary sigh drifted from full lips as she took stock of her surroundings. It had taken her many years to find a location befitting her station, but as she took in the ambiance of the candlelit garden, with its dozens upon dozens of white candles sitting around the bath’s edge—some in sconces, others simply sitting on crystal dishes—and the assortment of potted azaleas and angelica sitting amidst the burgundy lace, she knew she couldn’t have found a better place than this quaint, romantic Japanese hot spring.
    When she had first stumbled upon it, it had been a thriving business, something she’d come to learn was known as a ‘spa’ to the mortals who dwelled here. Humans would enter the modest teakwood reception house at the front of the property, just beyond the main gate. Then they would
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Five, Part One

Chapter Five

Two days.
    Two miserable, stinking days, since he’d first arrived in the city, having detected the all-too-familiar presence of his long time arch nemesis. The human-personified firebird, himself; Phenex. Despite his weakened state, the Shade couldn’t resist the overwhelming desire for revenge frothing in his veins. It had been most fortunate however, that the trail—both the incredible outpouring of energy he’d detected, as well as the firebird’s own—had gone cold. As much as Reeves hated to admit it, he knew that if it had come to a fight, the firebird would have had him at a disadvantage. Even now, he was far from being at full strength. Being locked away in the realm of Nowhere for all those years had drained him of all but the most basic of his powers. If not for the aid of his mistress, he likely wouldn
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Four, Part Two
“Forneus, behind you!”
    Forneus ducked, his skin prickling from the heat as Phenex sent a jet of flame streaking past, setting the man-sized serpent behind him ablaze before it could sink its fangs into his shoulder. He had been too preoccupied with the mixed group of demons in front of him to notice, fighting them with the few means he currently had at his disposal; his intellect, his lightning, and when defense was necessary—which it was quite often—his force field.
    Getting even one of my other powers back will be a blessing, he thought, watching as the basilisk writhed on the ground, its shrill wail near-deafening. Yellow eyes widened, the vertical pupils contracting as the serpent’s scales turned from bronze to black, the flames consuming it until nothing remained but a scorch mark on the cobblestones. Meeting Phenex’s gaze, he gave him an appreciative nod, and the two returned to the task of
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Four, Part One
    Chapter Four

Forneus sighed, idly stroking the sapphire ring on his middle finger, his eyes half closed as he stared at the glittering wall opposite. His gaze drifted over the doors lining the corridor without taking in the unique beauty each one had been crafted with, his mind on other matters. Specifically on a certain fiery being, and the teenage girl that seemed to be the subject of his ire.
    It had taken Forneus several minutes after Phenex’s departure to calm Gwen down, murmuring assurances that nothing that had happened—not Phenex’s outburst, nor the artifacts’ release—had been her fault. Once her tears had finally abated, he had left her in the privacy of her quarters to shower and dress, telling her he’d wait for her just outside the door.
    This was what he was doing as he pondered over the open hostility his old
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Three, Part Two
Gwen stepped over the threshold, casting a furtive glance at Forneus as she entered the modest-sized room. Grasping the edges of his coat to keep it from slipping off her shoulders, she peered at her surroundings.
    “Wow…” she breathed, noting it was warmer here than in had been in the Spectrum proper, more comfortable. A bed with pristine white linen sat against the far left-hand corner of the room, a simple mahogany nightstand next to it. The rest of the room was bare, though with the amount of space left over, Gwen wondered if a great deal more had once occupied the quarters.
    “It once served as Regulations Force barracks,” Forneus explained, while Gwen continued to investigate her surroundings. “However, with the department being significantly downsized within the last century, the entire pyrite corridor is vacant.”
    As she listened to him speak, a feeling of tranquility st
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Three, Part One
Chapter Three

Forneus stared after Phenex as the door closed behind him, brow furrowing in confusion. Ask me what? He cast an inquisitive glance at the girl next to him, her gaze still fixed on the door, an uncertain frown twisting her lips.
    “Miss?” Forneus inquired. The girl gave a start before looking at him, clearly having been lost in thought.
    “It’s Gwen,” she said, somewhat distractedly. “Gwenyth Lamelle—but just call me Gwen. Everyone else does.”
    “That’s right…how could I have forgotten?” He didn’t realize he’d said it out loud until he caught sight of Gwen’s expression, her eyes alight with curiosity. Forneus didn’t understand why, but by some good fortune, she didn’t ask him what he’d meant. Instead, she turned to a differe
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter Two

Chapter Two

 The moment her feet touched ground, Gwen stumbled away from both men and began retching. 
    “My apologies.” Forneus’s voice came from behind her, his hand resting lightly between her shoulder blades. “I should have warned you before teleporting. It can be a pretty jarring experience the first time around.”
    Teleporting? Her stomach fluttered, threatening to unleash another torrent. Gwen tucked her head against her knees, willing the sickness to pass.
    Phenex scoffed, voice dropping to an undertone. “Tch. Human beings are far too delicate.”
    Gwen scrubbed her mouth with the back of her hand, and glared over her shoulder at him. “You know, for someone who doesn’t like humans, you don’t seem to mind looking like one.”
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter One, Part Three
Gwen stared uncomprehendingly at the stranger in front of her, so close that she could see the faint traces of stubble lining his jaw, his lips seemingly moving without sound.
     “Miss? Miss, are you all right?”
    It wasn’t until her eyes met his that she finally snapped out of her stupor. Drawing away from him with a gasp, she realized she was sitting on the linoleum, her back pressed firmly against the refrigerator. How had she wound up on the floor, and for how long had this strange man been talking to her?
    Where did he come from? she wondered. One minute, there had been artifacts on her dining table, and the next…
    “W-Who are you?” Her voice was hoarse, barely above a whisper.
    Aside from his frock coat, which Gwen thought looked suspiciously like the ones she’d seen in her history textbook, he wore a black dress shi
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter One, Part Two
Reeves swore viciously, deking between rocky spires as he did. They were close on his tail. He could hear them, their heavy footfalls, their growling breaths, the snarled words punctuated by grating laughter; the sound of metal on metal. There wasn’t time to spare their words a second thought, no time to translate them from the Gehennan dialect he’d long since abandoned.
    All he could do was run, black dress shoes skidding across the thick coating of ice lining the deeper trenches, one polished toe snagging on the edge of a protruding rock before he managed to right himself again. On and on he went, arms pumping at his sides, the brim of his fedora pulled low over his eyes, trench-coat flapping behind him like a pair of dark brown wings. If he had been human, he might have felt a sharp pain in his side by now, his lungs might have been burning with their desire for air. But as he was not, neither came to pass, the only sensations warring within him th
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Whispers of Nowhere: Chapter One, Part One
Chapter One

~Eight years later~
Gwen bolted upright in bed, peering at the long, disfigured shadows on her bedroom walls, eyes wide with fright. Realizing that the assortment of knick-knacks cluttering her shelves were the culprits, she settled back against her pillow with a sigh. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she took notice of the moon’s pale silver light peeking through the venetian blinds, casting barred patterns on the lavender wall opposite. A warm spring breeze wafted over her from the partially opened window, soothing her until the frantic thudding of her heart finally abated.
    Letting her eyes drift closed so that only the faintest glimmer of light made it through her lashes, the fifteen-year-old frowned. What had woken her from the dream? The recurring nightmare about the large, grey serpent she’d been having for a
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Whispers of Nowhere: Prologue


Weariness had long since made itself known. Forneus stifled another yawn, tracking the progress of the ten, transparent images floating in the air, orbiting him like planets around the sun. The images drifted slowly, Forneus not once losing sight of them as long, thin fingers tapped the keys of the crescent-shaped console in front of him. The room was otherwise dark, save for the projections encircling him, casting their luminescence over the console’s gleaming surface. From an amethyst cluster, to a winged staff; from an elegant sword, to a feathered crown, until finally, all ten images came full circle, returning to the amethyst once again.
    That should do it. With a final tap to the runic keys on the right side of the console, Forneus settled back in his seat, releasing a weary sigh as he did. Now th
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Cardinal Painting by Raven-Firewind Cardinal Painting :iconraven-firewind:Raven-Firewind 4 8 Chibi Reeves by Raven-Firewind Chibi Reeves :iconraven-firewind:Raven-Firewind 4 0 Chibi Gwen by Raven-Firewind Chibi Gwen :iconraven-firewind:Raven-Firewind 2 0 Chibi Forneus by Raven-Firewind Chibi Forneus :iconraven-firewind:Raven-Firewind 2 0 Carpe Diem by Raven-Firewind Carpe Diem :iconraven-firewind:Raven-Firewind 1 5


Totoro : YouTube! by rossdraws Totoro : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 3,485 65 Different shades of each other by Firescribe Different shades of each other :iconfirescribe:Firescribe 19 14 Ruler Jeanne d'Arc by Liang-Xing Ruler Jeanne d'Arc :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 1,880 31 Fireburst by ChaosFissure Fireburst :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 147 3 Veiled Angel by ChaosFissure Veiled Angel :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 398 26 Phoenix II by amorphisss Phoenix II :iconamorphisss:amorphisss 1,165 123 Phoenix of Flames by ShadowDragon22 Phoenix of Flames :iconshadowdragon22:ShadowDragon22 586 55 Phoenix by guillaume-phoenix Phoenix :iconguillaume-phoenix:guillaume-phoenix 732 75 Lighter by Neytirix Lighter :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,267 53 Demon Howl by hientruong95 Demon Howl :iconhientruong95:hientruong95 1,297 91 Howl's Moving Castle: Howl by sakonma Howl's Moving Castle: Howl :iconsakonma:sakonma 2,815 176 +Howl and Calcifer+ by Orenji-kun +Howl and Calcifer+ :iconorenji-kun:Orenji-kun 16,268 808 HOWL by fukamatsu HOWL :iconfukamatsu:fukamatsu 901 28 Howl by chernotrav Howl :iconchernotrav:chernotrav 20,489 1,047 Howl by Christian-Angel Howl :iconchristian-angel:Christian-Angel 1,375 54 Inseparable by BoopDiBoop Inseparable :iconboopdiboop:BoopDiBoop 694 47
Just a bunch of my favourite works of art, whether they be sketches, paintings, computer art, cosplay, and model renders, or what-have-you. :) Most of this will circulate around fandoms, and the pictures will be split into specific folders, as well.

My Characters

First renditions of Forneus, Phenex, and Gwen (plus bonus second version of Gwen) done by azuredarkangel. :heart:

Forneus v. 2 by azuredarkangel

My OC, Phenex. Soft shading. by Raven-Firewind

Gwen by Raven-Firewind

Gwen, Version 2 by Raven-Firewind

Coloured Sketches of Reeves done by absolitude. :heart:

Reeves Colored2 by absolitude-corner

Reeves Coatless Colored by absolitude-corner

Reeves Full Dress by absolitude-corner

Commissioned works of Forneus, Phenex, and Reeves by LaceWingedSaby. :heart:

Forneus -Original Character commission- by LaceWingedSaby

Phenex -Original Character commission- by LaceWingedSaby

Reeves - OC commission by LaceWingedSaby

And last, but certainly not least, this incredible pin-up of Phenex done by BastardPrince. :heart:

: phenex : by BastardPrince


: takechiyo : by BastardPrince : takechiyo : :iconbastardprince:BastardPrince 388 127 : eaten by wolves : by BastardPrince : eaten by wolves : :iconbastardprince:BastardPrince 1,043 136 : bad blood redux : by BastardPrince : bad blood redux : :iconbastardprince:BastardPrince 1,653 256




Raven-Firewind's Profile Picture

Profile I.D. is of my character, Forneus; courtesy of LaceWingedSaby. :heart:

Hi, my name is Shannon. I'm a writer, Eclectic Pagan, and pretty much a geek. I'm also a selective gamer, enjoyer of anime, movies, and reading--the last being at the top of my list of favourite past-times.

You can read Whispers of Nowhere here:…

Winged Flame by PAULLONDEN

Edits Done, Next Stage of Plans

Fri Jun 9, 2017, 10:43 AM
Hey, all! This is just another quick update on my writerly progress.

As of today, I finished the third draft edits for The Mythos Trials. Not a lot changed between this draft and the previous, which I attribute to a few different things:

1) I didn't see much I wished to change, aside from tweaking the odd thing here and there. And of those things I did want to change, I either
2) Didn't know precisely how I wanted to modify them, or
3) Even when I did, I've been too burnt-out as of late to perform them.

Creatively, I'm all tapped out. Well no, I suppose that's not strictly true; I'm not tapped out so much as too exhausted to take the bits of creative flair I've come up with and utilize them. And distracted, for a myriad of reasons I won't get into here.

Mostly, I figure after more than three years of writing and editing the Whispers of Nowhere Trilogy, and getting a start on the prequels, I'm just in need of some serious R&R--and not the half-assed breaks I've taken between projects, but some legit time off. In general, I need at least a week or so off from anything writing related; on a more particular note, I need probably a good few months away from the WoN Trilogy. If I want to get some of my creative Zen back so that I can continue with where I left off in the prequels (Arcane Guardian, Shadow & Flame, and Shattered Time), then I need to give my brain a chance to rejuvenate. Only then will I be able to write new and exciting things, and only then, when I'm ready to return to editing the trilogy, will I be able to improve upon those areas that I haven't yet been able to.

Anyway, I officially have an editor going over from the Prologue to Chapter Five in Whispers of Nowhere. Whether I'll be able to afford the rest of the document afterward, I don't know; but in the event I can't, the best I can do is take what pointers are given to me, and apply them where necessary to the rest of the story--and to the sequels as well, of course.

That about sums things up. I'll do another entry in a month or so, or whenever I have something of interest to share. Until then, adios! :iconbaibaiplz:

  • Listening to: Kamelot-End of Innocence
  • Reading: (Just finished) The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Playing: Tales of Symphonia (anniversary collection)
  • Drinking: Tea


Back in action. ^^ Breaks are nice, but damn is it ever good to be writing again.
Me and time off do NOT go well together. ._.
Debating whether to post Whispers of Nowhere on here, or not. If I post the current draft, I'd probably only provide a sample (like the first five chapters). If I post a previous draft, I'd have no scruples sharing the whole thing. Opinions?
Whispers of Nowhere cover art, commissioned!

*Internally screams* :happybounce:  I don't care how long it takes. I'm so stoked that it's getting an official cover. La la la la 

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